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Floating ECO Bamboo Sunglasses | Le' Brox


The bamboo glasses frames make these sunglasses extra lightweight and also enables them to float on the water


Bamboo glasses frames are made of real quality Bamboo which originates from the grass family (also known as Poaceae). Species are native to a number of continents, excluding Europe, with most of today’s cultivated plants coming from China, South or Central America, and Japan.


Originally, bamboo was found in the lowland plains and mountainous regions of Asia, where temperatures can drop to a chilling -30 degree Celsius. This is one of the reasons bamboos are extremely hardy and as such, ideal plants for European and North American climates.


Asides from generic species, there are a number of tropical species in existence, which are native to Africa, Australia and tropical parts of Asia. These particular bamboo plants necessitate frost-free conditions in order to thrive in home gardens. If grown in the correct environment, they are often amongst the most spectacular specimens in the world.