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Le' Brox offers premium ECO sunglasses which can be a perfect choice for holidays and trips, for fishing and water sports, and on the beach



The Revolution is Here


Whilst being trendy these sunglasses are environmentally friendly and made from recyclable materials, We offer a high-quality alternative to the plastic frames. Le' Brox offers Natural Bamboo Sunglasses and Wood Sunglasses. Thanks to these materials these sunglasses are extra lightweight and sustainable. Thepolarized lenses providing s crystal clear view and especially useful for water activities such as fishing and water sports. Moreover, the bamboo frame enables the sunglasses to float on the water. The flexible spring hinges offer a comfortable wear, but to choose the correct size is really important. Say no to plastic frames. Wear Le' Brox.


Le' Brox is a UK brand. Our Sunglasses are handcrafted to high quality, due to the Bamboo and Wood material each pair of sunglasses are unique and different. Moreover, everything is handmade from the harvesting to the packaging and posting of the final product. Our business focusing on to support the idea of reducing the plastic waste Worldwide, whilst providing a high quality and sustainable product. Replacing the old plastic frames by the revolutionary and ECO materials means less plastic waste to the Earth to digest. As many countries around the World recognized the need to cut back plastic waste the popularity of this shift is growing. Le' Brox supports and engaged in this brilliant change. Not only our sunglasses are environmentally friendly, we have a lot more to offer. The Triangle Folding Cases are made of kraft paper with a specific method to make it strong and long-lasting. Thanks to its ability to fold, the case can be carried in your pocket while not in use saving space.  Let's save our Planet Together.


Our main goal is to always achieve a high level of customer satisfaction with the products that we provide. For this purpose, we ensure that we use high-quality materials for our sunglasses and we provide outstanding customer care. We offer delivery services to the UK Mainland and EU countries.


Le, Brox is dedicated to looking for the best quality products with some special features. to fill our store with quality bamboo wood sunglasses. We have selected our manufacturers based on deep research with the focus on their reliability and trustworthiness. Our long established relationship is based on excellent quality products and some unique features.


We believe that the customer always comes first - and that means exceptional products and exceptional services. Get in touch today to learn more about Le' Brox - the bamboo wood sunglasses online shop


We have got some stylish, trendy and fun looking sunglasses all made of bamboo wood.  These are not only lightweight but, also they float on the water. All our sunglasses have Polarised CAT3 UV protected lenses to ensure the safety and well-being of your eyes. You may choose them to wear on any occasion knowing that your glasses not only stylish and safe but, environmentally sound too.


Le' Brox is a UK brand and is exclusively belongs to My Special eShop and has the necessaryECDoC to show compliance with the CE and PPE requirements. We are proud to be a registered member of the East Lancashire Chambers of Commerce (



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