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Measurements guidance


The best practice to find the perfect size for the new sunglasses we recommend you to measure one of your preloved sunglasses which are the most comfortable for you. There are the internal and external measurements highly detailed in every description.

Choosing the Best Bamboo Sunglasses and the correct size

Here we provide some guidance on how to choose the right size pair of wooden sunglasses

The chart below can be used as a guidance on how to find the correct size for your sunglasses in each department. The size guide is a recommendation and the correct measurements can be found in the description of each pair of sunglasses. There are many sizes to choose from as it can be seen below so you can find the best bamboo sunglasses for your needs. This chart also may help you to find the matching pair of sunglasses for your loved ones as well. Ladies Wooden Sunglasses, Gents Sunglasses. Kids Sunglasses.